Mandolins and Beer Episode #39 Andy Wood

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My guest this week is Andy Wood!

Andy spent most of his childhood playing and competing in bluegrass festivals. Touring the bluegrass circuit with his cousin and grandfather provided Andy with the necessary exposure that helped refine and sharpen his skills. Andy and his cousin held various state championship titles.

At the young age of sixteen, Andy finished second in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MANDOLIN CONTEST in Winfield, Kansas. Currently touring as a solo guitarist and mandolinist along with working on a host of additional musical projects, Andy is also performing live with his own band promoting JUNKTOWN, an album which showcases his vast musical influences and abilities.

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Mandolins and Beer Episode #27 Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange

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The guest this week on The Mandolins and Beer Podcast is Andrew Marlin.

You may be familiar with Andrew from his involvement with Chapel Hill, NC duo Mandolin Orange. As the songwriter for the band, Andrew has become known as a gifted lyricist, producing powerful yet subtle, thoughtfully crafted songs. With Mandolin Orange, Andrew has toured the world, graced famous stages (including the Ryman Auditorium, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Newport Folk Festival, to name just a few), sold thousands of records, and received millions of streams.

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Mandolins and Beer Episode #26 Doyle Lawson

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This week’s guest on the podcast is Bluegrass Hall of Famer Doyle Lawson!

Doyle is a member of the International Bluegrass Hall of Fame, a recipient of the National Heritage Fellowship, and a 7 time Grammy nominee! He’s played in a band with Jimmy Martin, played with J.D. Crowe and the Kentucky Mountain Boys, has been a member of the Country Gentlemen, The Bluegrass Album band and now currently fronts his own band Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. Their new album “Live In Prague” is an incredible sounding live album that was recently nominated for a Grammy! You can check out Doyle at his Webiste or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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Here is a video of a Red Slipper Lounge recording featuring Doyle with JD Crowe.

Mandolins and Beer Episode #10 Matt Flinner

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This week on the Mandolins and Beer podcast, I talk with one of my all time favorite mandolin players, Matt Flinner. I’ve been a fan of Matt ever since I’ve picked up the mandolin! His credits include solo cds, a jazzy quartet cd, work with Frank Vignola, and his most recent project the Matt Flinner Trio. He has transcribed and published a few music books, been nominated for a Grammy and has an incredible online learning program! You can find out about all of this an more by visiting Matt’s website. Also, be sure to follow Matt on his Facebook
and his Instagram.

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Mandolins and Beer Episode #8 Jarrod Walker

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This weeks guest is Jarrod Walker. Jarrod is an accomplished mandolin player currently playing with Billy Strings. They are currently on tour and have a brand new album coming out on Sept. 27th. You can get all of the Billy Strings info HERE! I also highly recommend following Jarrod on his Instagram.

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Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #7 with Scott Tichenor

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This weeks guest is the man behind the Mandolin Cafe Mr. Scott Tichenor! Along with providing the mandolin world with endless inspiration and content….Scott is a heck of a mandolin player himself! We had a great conversation and I hope you all enjoy it! Cheers!

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Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #3 Jenni Lyn

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